DJ Erik Dahlstrom

Wonder Wax is owned and operated by Midwest veteran DJ, Erik Dahlstrom. Erik, a true school vinyl DJ, maintains a massive record collection in his hometown of Marquette, Michigan.

As a turntablist Erik has always held an infatuation with vinyl records. Because rural Marquette is hundreds of miles from the nearest record store, the most efficient way of satisfying this addiction has been to purchase large collections of vinyl, often from other DJs and record stores. Never committing himself to one style, his collection grew beyond the borders of all genres. The result has been an immense and dynamic collection, one that’s almost alive, always changing and forever growing.

Wonder Wax is an extension of this collection. It’s those pieces Erik is willing to part with. Although some records here are considerably less expensive than others, each is guaranteed to be worth what you pay for it. From rare classics to common pressings, each record is graded honestly by Erik’s own experienced and critical judgment. Excellent prices, combined with Media Mail shipping rates, make Wonder Wax a very inexpensive way to grow your vinyl collection.

Because of our commitment to buyer satisfaction, Wonder Wax continues to grow, reaching customers in all 50 states and across the globe. Look here to see some of the many destinations of Wonder Wax orders.

But we’re not all vinyl! We also have a growing stock of CDs, Mp3s, DJ mixes, and remixes. Wonder Wax offers worthwhile consignment opportunities to DJs and producers seeking additional retail and marketing outlets for their music. Contact us for more details.

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